Discussion images 1-3

for ‘A Rubbish Night at the Museum’

To ensure the discussion was productive, we needed to focus on identifying practical problems across Manchester and what is needed to solve them.  We wanted lots of people to contribute, especially residents and community groups.

To help, we used 3 pictures to focus the discussion.

They were displayed during the event.  They are included here.

They were not intended to constrain the discussion: people could address none, one or all of the photos.  But the chair could bring the conversation back to identifying the problems they show, and what is needed to address them.

Discussion image one

Rubbish Night Discussion Image One

Discussion image two

Rubbish Night at the Museum - Discussion image 2

Discussion image 3

Rubbish Night at the Museum Discussion image 3

For each photo, we are asking:

What are the solvable problems here?

You might also want to address these questions:

  • What can the residents who live beside this mess do about it?
  • What support do they need?
  • What can the Council and the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority do to improve these residents’ living conditions in 2018?

On the evening, we invited short inputs from key professionals to start the discussion.

You can still contribute on Twitter #GMTalkingRubbish during the event, and on a survey coming soon.

In whatever ways, we need to answer those questions, and others too.  We need to build a discussion that can continue beyond the evening, and become a basis for positive change.