A Rubbish Night at the Museum

A video record + tweets posted on the night.

Do Manchester residents have to live surrounded by rubbish?
Or can we change it?

In April 2018 the Manchester Museum hosted a unique community-led exhibition and event to call time on the Manchester mess, and say “we need to talk about rubbish“. #GMTalkingRubbish

Taking up Mayor Andy Burnham’s goal of “a cleaner and greener city region“, it set out to empower residents and professionals across Greater Manchester, (a) to identify the multiple causes of the rubbish in our streets and alleys, (b) to challenge the simplistic blaming of residents and communities for the mess, (c) to use the systems, and question the policies, to deal with it, and (d) to work together to make a practical difference.

With over 100 displays, and 300 people attending, ‘A Rubbish Night at the Museum‘ brought together residents, community groups, artists, businesses, social enterprises, students, waste professionals and others across GM and across cultures, to say it’s time for action, and it’s time for a policy that works:

“The aim is to inspire the universities, the council departments, the contractors and other professionals, to work together with residents to rekindle the famously ambitious and pioneering spirit of Manchester, to build the capacity to address the global problem of rubbish on our doorstep.”

Coordinated by Simon Pardoe, Moss Impact / Upping It 2018. A collaboration with the Manchester Museum. Funded by the University of Manchester Sustainable Consumption Institute + ‘engaging our communities’ fund.

Video 5 mins. By Zoe Parker Moon, studying at Manchester School of Art.