Thank you for reviewing these ideas.

Do Manchester residents have to live surrounded by rubbish?
Or can we change it?

That was the question posed during ‘A Rubbish Night at the Museum‘.

It initiated practical public discussion of ideas for addressing the rubbish problem. This survey is now an opportunity for all of us – residents and professionals – to review the ideas from experience.

There are 24 key ideas below, based on the two discussions in the evening and others before and after.

We would be really grateful if you would review how much you agree with them. You can also comment, explain your review and suggest other ideas.

It will take you less than 10 minutes just to agree/disagree, or longer if you are inspired to add comments, explanations and further suggestions.

Note: Our focus here is on the rubbish problem in the residential areas of Manchester and Greater Manchester, rather than the city/town centres. That is partly because Councils already focus on the centres. It’s also because in residential areas, especially high density areas, the rubbish problem is more complex than just ‘littering’, and so needs different solutions. These areas matter because they are where we live.